Apply online for a trademark application

Guard your business from being branded with a negative mark – Apply online for a trademark application

Trademark application can be done online. Numerous websites provide the trademark application form. Once you provide the required information, they will send you the trademark registration application form. There are various types of trademark applications available online. They are discussed in the following blog.

The most commonly utilized trademark applications are the Word Mark group and the Design Mark group. They cover all aspects of a trademark including name, description generic name, trade name address, design, illustration, and address. The design word is the term that describes the general appearance of the trademark. Your name will appear in trade directories as well as other printed media when you choose this option. A registration agent should be consulted if you wish to register your domain on your own.


A registration agent is an official who is designated by the federal government as well as the state governments to serve as a coordinator in the registration of names, trademarks, or copyrights. There are three kinds of registration agents that you can call to help with your registration. Each agent specializes on particular services. The Federal trademark office is able to give information on the qualifications and the availability of these agents.


You have two options to register your trademark or domain name. You can choose to register your trademark by means of formal paperwork or file your trademark electronically. This is the more common method of filing and it’s usually less expensive. Electronic filing of your trademark and brand name is less complicated than traditional filings.


If you choose to file your trademark online or brand name, you’ll need to pay an upfront cost. Each filing differs in cost. If you require legal representation, you will be charged a greater amount. The US Patent and Trademark Office’s website lists the filing fees.


After you’ve paid the fee, you can now begin the process of registration of your trademark and brand name with USPTO. There are several different ways to go about starting this important procedure. The USPTO offers a video tutorial that guides through the whole filing process. You can also access resources from the logo assistance page of the USPTO which provides detailed instructions on how to file for a trademark and see the resources to assist you when filing for one.


You must provide two copies following completion of the trademark application process: a letter or assignment, and an application. The letter that grants the right to transfer your brand name and mark is given to another legal company. The registration creates a legal record which records your name as well as your trademark. The registration cannot be changed without your permission. The logo filing section lets you to download templates for your logo. Select the template that you like and follow the instructions. Print out the template, and send it back to the registration section along with your legal details.


Once you have filed your trademark rights documents to the USPTO you must be patient and wait for the ninety-one day statute of limitations. The USPTO will issue an email if your application was filed electronically. The notice will inform you that the USPTO has rejected your trademark registration due to insufficient proof. Then you should file a suit against the business who registered the fake mark or name in the first place and hire a trademark attorney to defend your rights. If the USPTO accepts your complaint, they will investigate and determine if your allegations are true. If they declare your claims to be incorrect, they will forever ban the trademark in question from use in the future.