Online Nuans Name Search

Online Nuans Name Search


NUANS Name Search is an automated search system which compares a proposed corporate/business name to other existing corporations or trade names within the database. This comparison reveals the similarity which could exist between your proposed name and a name already in the database. It also generates a list of possible names that could be available once the comparison is complete. The name(s) suggested will be brought to your attention for further consideration. You can choose to reject or suggest alternative names if the suggested names do not suit you. Following the review process the names considered are analyzed and the names which are accepted are submitted to be approved by the final panel.

Many people and businesses decide to incorporate their businesses under both federal law and provincial legislation. However, each jurisdiction has different definitions about what constitutes’residents. This is why it is usually essential for companies to obtain clarification as to the need to incorporate in one place or another. It is vital that qualified attorneys are knowledgeable of both federal as well as provincial laws regarding incorporation. Because of the many differences between the two jurisdictions, in addition to having knowledge of how to incorporate in each jurisdiction an experienced attorney must also have familiarity with the conditions that must be met for incorporating in every area.

If the suggested names are like the existing Canadian corporations, the process of incorporating will typically follow the same procedure, including providing written notice of establishment of the corporation, meeting prescribed requirements and submitting all necessary documents to the provincial office, and paying the appropriate administrative costs. The names suggested could differ from Canadian corporations. If this is the case further steps are required to allow the creation of the company. One of these steps is incorporation in the province in which the business is operating. Another step is to file a provincial application. Nuans name search technology could assist in making these tasks simpler by suggesting names of businesses already doing business in that province which may lead to better matching of the name being utilized to incorporate.

Next, you need to search. It can be performed online through different websites. Sometimes, initial searches for names might require additional information, like the registration of the company name and the domain name. The search engine will help determine whether the name you’re searching for is in use.

If multiple matches lead you to the best name, such as two companies who are willing to do business together under the umbrella of Nuans then additional steps may be needed. Submitting additional information is usually necessary for the initial name search. Name searches may take a long time depending on how many websites have been compared. It could take anywhere from 4 to 6 days to finish business registrations as well as other details dependent on how fast your search is and how many websites are involved.

Once the preliminary phase is completed, you are able to conduct an even more thorough search with the Nuans search system’s advanced features. At this point, searches can be conducted using different criteria in order to determine the best match for each individual. Once the initial plan search is complete, a business name with availability is shown. Companies can register their names using the details that are provided to ensure they are prepared to launch their business as soon as possible. In certain instances, the first name and business address can be included when submitting the information.

To ensure that the registered corporate address is correct, information submitted to the online form can be compared to data from the Ontario Ministry of Economic Development. This important step ensures that the business name in the Ontario registry will be distinct and won’t be confused with a different business name that has already been registered. A business name search report which makes use of provincial searchable databases is also available to companies when they are making an Ontario corporate registry or updating an existing registry.

Once all the required steps are completed and the information is submitted to the local search databases, the company’s registered name will appear in the search results in just a few minutes. The individual can select the business name to view specifics like contact details and a map to the location of the office. The results will depend on the type of search and the level of information required. Online searches are a great method to help business owners reduce time and energy while searching for the perfect names for their business.